Addressing Forms Used by the Characters in the Movie Entitled Cinderella

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Bestari Pinartika Putri - C0313011 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This research is aimed to describe the types of addresses used by the characters in the movie entitled Cinderella and also to find out the context where the forms of address are used. This research is under a big field of linguistics. Specifically, it is a socio-pragmatics study which explores the relationship between language, society and the context where the language is used.

This research is a descriptive qualitative method. The source of data is the movie entitled Cinderella. The data analyzed are all of the dialogs containing addressing forms employed by the characters in the movie.

The results of this research are as follows:
First, there are seven types of address forms used in the dialogs of this movie. Those forms are Title Alone (TA), Title + Last Name (TLN), Title + First Name (TFN), Title + Nickname (TNN), First Name (FN), Multiple Name (MN) and Nickname (NN). The types of address forms mostly used by the main character are TA and MN. TFN and FN become the second largest data found in this movie,     followed withNN, TLN and TNN.
Second, those forms of address are used in such domains as Kingdom, Family, Employment, Friendship, Ball and Forest. The occurrence of those addressing forms is mostly influenced by the context that go along with them.