Negotiating A New Concept Of Gender: ‘A Man In Makeup’ In James Charles’instagram Posts

Oleh :
Saktiana Kharisma Ardiani - B0315050 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

James Charles, „a man in makeup?, who rejected the label of transgender presented various gender expression on his Instagram account. Thus, for that reason, this research was conducted to find out James Charles? gender identity construction causing ambiguity and marginalized position in gender identity. Further, this research also examined the way he negotiates with the hegemonic heteronormativity.  
The research applied digital ethnographic approach in the collecting and analyzing data. The finding of the observation and participation then was elaborated with Judith Butler?s „Gender Performative Acts and Constitution? to see how James Charles constructed his identity. This research also used Foucault?s „the Subject and Power? to see James Charles? position and resistance in power relation.
This research found that James Charles developed his self-representation from posting makeup creativity to posting selfies and self-portrait.James Charles at the same time presented feminine, masculine, and MtF on his Instagram. This self-representation has caused ambiguity in his gender identity. His ambiguous identity was non-conformed gender identity that made James Charles became the
subject of power. Thus, he was resistant with the form of power.  
Keywords: ‘Man in makeup’, James Charles, Instagram, gender,
performative acts, heteronormativity, resistance