Translating english story books for children at ganesa library Sukoharjo

Oleh :
Bela Qurnelia - C9313015 - Fak. Seni Rupa dan Desain

The objectives of this report are; to describe the internship activity, the problems and the solutions. The internship program had been done at Ganesa Library, from 19th January to 19th February 2016.
There are two activities namely main activity and secondary activities. The main activity was translating English story books for children into Bahasa Indonesia. In
translating activity I got problems in finding suitable vocabularies for children, and finding onomatopoeia of a thing. Onomatopoeia is a word imitating the natural sounds
of a thing or animal. To solve the problem I opened dictionary, used some techniques of translation, and searched for the information on the Internet. Meanwhile, the secondary activities were joining Ganesa English Speaking (GES), Story Telling and Ganesa nulis Community (GnC). In doing GES activity I got problem in choosing topic to discuss
and in doing Story Telling I got problem in making the children pay attention to me when I told the story. To overcome the problems I chose an issue drawing public’s attention and chose interesting story books having many pictures.