The roles of public relations of ptpn radio in the efforts of maintaining good relationship with public

Oleh :
Eni Nur Susilowati - C.9305111 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRAKSI This final project is written based on the job training, which had been conducted on February 4th to March 9th, 2008 in PTPN Radio located in Jalan Kebalen No. 2 Surakarta. The purpose of this final project is to describe the roles of Public Relations of PTPN Radio in Maintaining Good Relationship with Public. The main role of PR division is to maintain the good relationship to the public. The public of PTPN radio is divided into two publics. They are internal and external public. Several programs conducted by Public Relations in maintaining good relationship with public by creating PTPN Fans, Meeting and Greeting with fans and participating in public service activities. The other programs are conducting workshop and making bulletin, leaflet, stickers, ballyhoo, poster, banner, and t-shirt with logo of PTPN. The implementation of the programs mostly ran well even though the Public Relationship Officer has many weaknesses. The weaknesses of PRO are caused by the position of Public Relations which has the double functions as Public Relations Officer and as Marketing. The target of Public Relations as Public Relations Officer is public understands. In the other side, the target of Public Relations as marketing is the market and profit oriented.