The effectiveness of games and songs in teaching english vocabulary to the fourth grade students of SDN 1 Baturetno Wonogiri

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Woro Widiastuti - C.9305149 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This Final Project report was written based on the job training done at SDN 1 Baturetno, Wonogiri for a month. The writer took the fourth grade students as the objects to be observed and focused in the teaching of English vocabulary. The objectives of this Final Project report are 1.) to describe the process of teaching vocabulary for students by using games and songs, and 2.) to describe how effective, entertaining, and fun in teaching English vocabulary by using games and songs. To find out the conclusion of the objectives, the writer did an observation and teaching activity. In the English teaching and learning activity, the writer used some procedures in order to make the English teaching and learning activities run well. The procedures are Greeting, BKOF, Modeling of Text, Join Construction and Individual Construction, and Closing. Games itself was held in Join Construction and Individual Construction. Meanwhile, songs applied in the last step to end the lesson. By playing games, the writer can attract the students’ attention and persuade them to love English and enjoy the learning process. The games also help the students to memorize the vocabulary they have learned. Meanwhile, the use of songs to end the lesson can refresh the students’ mind after learning process. Besides, songs help to create a fun and friendly situation and become a fun and attractive way to learn vocabulary. Finally, both games and songs can be an alternative way to make the learning process fun and effective.