Supremasi Keadilan Subtantif dalam Pemilukada Ulang Kabupaten Pati (Studi Keputusan MK No.82/PHPU.D-IX/2011)

Oleh :
Mulyanto - 198312102008011008 - Fak. Hukum

The results of this research, indicate that the Constitutional Court Decision No. 82/PHPU.D-IX/2011 has canceled Election Commission decision Pati on Vote Count and Results Summary of Candidate disqualify the name H.Sunarwi, SE., MM. and Pramod Tejo in the regional election Pati in 2011 which was replaced by the would be candidates in the name of, H. Imam Suroso, MM. and Sujoko, S.Pd., M. Pd. and ordered the regional election re deserves appreciation. Through such decisions have affirmed the supremacy of substantive justice rather than procedural justice by extending legal standing would be candidates to uphold the regional election is unconstitutional. For the organizers should be more professional and fair in the implementation of regional election in order to strengthen local democracy.

 Keywords: decision, the regional election, substantive justice