The efforts of information centre unit to create good image of Adisumarmo international airport

Oleh :
Tri Vyatra Rahmawati - C.9305078 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This final project is written based on the job training in Information Centre Unit of Adisumarmo International Airport. The objectives of this report are to know the way of Information Centre Unit gives information to the public, and to know the Information Centre Unit’s efforts to create good image with the public. The report shows that the Information Centre Unit did communication in two ways, they are direct and indirect communication. Those activities have the purposes to give accurate information about the services and facilities in Adisumarmo International Airport. Direct communication is communication between Information officers and publics directly. The activities of direct communications are selling platform or daily pass, giving tourist information and the facilities in Adisumarmo International Airport. Meanwhile, indirect communication is communication between Information officers and public by using media communication. The activities of indirect communications are giving announcement through Public Address System, displaying flight schedules in Flight Information System (FIDS), and serving the public and passenger with telephone information centre. The report also shows the efforts of Information Centre Unit in creating good image are giving effective communication to the public. The efforts of effective communication in Information Centre Unit are maintaining source credibility, doing two ways communication, and inviting audience participation. Source credibility can be maintained by giving accurate information from sources that can be trusted. The Information officers do two ways communication to the public, both direct and indirect communication. Then, to invite audience participation Information officers give the questionnaires to the publics in order to know whether Information officer’s services and communications are effective or not. It can be seen from the public’s responses. Effective communication is very important for giving services and communication to the public, so that, the Information Centre Unit should improve the quality of services and the management of Adisumarmo International Airport, that is PT. Angkasa Pura 1 and all division should maintain the image of the company to through their activities and services to the public.