An analysis on the readability level of “FOKUS” (a naturalistic study on elementary school students’ english worksheet)

Oleh :
Rony Kurniawan - S.89090601 - Pascasarjana

ABSTRACT Rony Kurniawan. AN ANALYSIS ON THE READABILITY LEVEL OF “FOKUS” (A Naturalistic Study on Elementary School Students’ English Worksheet). A Thesis. English Education Department, Graduate School, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. 2008. This research is aimed at describing and finding out whether and to what extents the layouts and the contents of Fokus English Worksheet (FEW) published by CV Sindunata, Kartasura are readable or not. This research is a study which is considered important to conduct since the growth of English teaching and learning in Indonesia starts from early ages. On that account, the English worksheet in teaching and learning processes is significant to evaluate. The data are collected through documentation and test. The data in the form of words are analyzed using interactive model while the data in the form of numbers are analyzed by applying the readability formula (Flesch and Gunning Fox Index) and Cloze Test Procedure. The second method of analysis adopts sample of reading text, the beginning, the middle, and the end of Fokus English Worksheet (FEW). Based on the result of analyzing data, the researcher found that FEW are specially designed and intended to English young learners, that is why these products have their own characteristics. From the layout points of view, it reveals that FEW are dominated many fancy pictures. However, at some extents, FEW does not serve its function well since at some extents, this worksheet does not have the same requirements as proposed by BNSP. From the content point of view, it reveals that FEW have correlation with KTSP Jawa Tengah. However, not all themes in FEW are exactly the same as KTSP Jawa Tengah. There are several different themes related to FEW market oriented. The other issues are about non authentic material of FEW which are aimed to make FEW more readable for Indonesian young learners of English. Some other issues found in this worksheet are about students’ cognitive values. There are not interactive group activities found in FEW and almost all the activities are in the low order domain. It is obviously seen that FEW applies PPP approach in its presentation and has applied four language skills. The last finding and discussion is about FEW’s high readability from Cloze Test, Flesch and Gunning Fox Index. The research finding of this study indicates that a good match between the English textbooks and the intended user will improve communication and learning and bring a maximum result of teaching and learning process. The ideal English textbook should have a good match between its lay out performances and contents. Therefore, it is recomended that (1) In writing English textbooks, writers should concern with the readability aspect of their writings. There are many aspects concerning the readability of English textbooks, for instance: its typography and layout, language culturally and socially bound issue, cognitive values, applied approach, syllabus, word length and complexity of the sentences; and (2) The teacher should be able to evaluate the selected English materials before presenting them in the classrooms.