Local culture of pencak silat for good caracter

Oleh :
Suryo Ediyono - 196601201993031001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

Pencak silat as Indonesian culture is a self deJbnse skill that has high philosophical teaching. Pencak silat will be danger if it is owned and mastered by irresponsible person. The,nrnorrh was rlone to do inventory oter philosophical yalues of pencak silat that shottld beexplored, kept and det eloped for good character education. His research used hermene.uticriflection methorl including description, comparison and critical rellection to find acomprehensive understanding. The result is that philosophy of pencak silat in essence is to tooi for real truth that is life vie*- and vise of human being in relation to cLtltural, ocictl,moral ancl religious values that Indonesian people respect. Philosophy of pencak silat plctces silat actors as God creatttre, individtnl creature, social creahre, and universe creature. Asilat actor is demanded to haye taqwa, responsive, strong,
tdnggon, and trengginas attitudes.High vctlue of pencak silat contains edttcational material to form hwnan being having goodcharacter.
Keywords: pencak silat, self defense, local cultural, good character.