Ethnopedagogy Through Pencak Silat Martial Art

Oleh :
Suryo Ediyono - 196601201993031001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

Pencak silat Martial art is a media of humanism education in traditional java society. Goal of martial art exercise is not only for promote physical power and technical skill, but also more important is for character building and personality building. Pencak silat is intended to shape human being with high character, capability of self control and apply various good actions giving positive benefit for self and society development. Objective of this study was to analyze character building through pencak silat martial art. It used historical factual approach. Pencak silat martial art as media for character building is in essence an effort of Indonesian nation as spiritual and physical exercise to shape agile human being that can comprehend and apply high moral values. The character values include noble quality, loyalty, great heart, wise, tolerance, courteousness, honesty,
obedience, and never give up.

Key Words: ethopedagogy, pencak silat, martial art, character building