Intellectual property right: its concept and application in packaging loro blonyo Wood craft in bobung village, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Oleh :
Edy Tri Sulistyo - 195607171986011002 - Fak. KIP

Loro Blonyo craft in Bobung Village, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta has been developing since some years ago.
Such the craft is still existent until today. As the handicraft center, its existence can support the rural tourism
development, particularly in Gunungkidul area, Yogyakarta. However, it has not been compensated with
intellectual property right ownership. This research with descriptive qualitative paradigm conducted in 2016
attempted to improve local production image expected to be competitive with other craft product particularly in
entering into both national and global level market opportunity. Data were collected using the technique such
as (1) focused discussion, (2) direct observation, and (3) analysis of the contents of documents/records. The
result of research realized a variety of packaging and tried to make the product having legality as a registered
product through Intellectual Property (particularly copyright) Right protection.
Keywords:Packaging, Woodcrafts, Loro Blonyo, Intellectual Property Right

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