Language Use in Pangkur Song In Serat Wulangreh and Its Implication for The Younger Generation As An Effort to Preserve Javanese Culture And Enhance Character Building

Oleh :
Edy Tri Sulistyo1 - 195607171986011002 - Fak. KIP

The long-term objective of the research is to preserve traditional culture through understanding Javanese cosmology. The specific target of the research is to discover fundamental and comprehensive information about the value of character building and its implementation in relation to the concept of art and culture conservation according to Javanese philosophy. To achieve these objectives, the researchers conduct an in-depth and progressive research. The research uses qualitative paradigm conducted through explorative and survey method. The steps are: (1) Introducing the song Pangkur (in Serat Wulangreh) to the community. (2) plaining the meaning of the song Pangkur. (3) Determining and describing the community’s response to the song Pangkur (in Serat Wulangreh). (4) Preserving Javanese culture, especially the Javanese song Pangkur (in Serat
Wulangreh) and implementing character building to the current generation. The research data is collected from people, places, and events as well as from documents/records, which were then analyzed using an interactive model. The aim of the research to implement the values of character education among school-aged children. The data is collected through detailed interviews, observation, and documents/records analysis, as well as literature review. The data is analyzed using a contextual pragmatic analysis model, and the result is used as recommendation for the development of school curriculum. Keywords: implication, Pangkur song, Serat Wulangreh, character building, art and culture preservation.