Activating Students in Reading Class

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Endang Setyaningsih - 198005132003122002 - Fak. KIP

Reading class has been traditionally considered as a monotonous, rather boring, class. There are several reasons underlysing the belief. Some come from the techniques of the teaching, some come form the nature of Reading itself, and some come from the students belief about the belief. Recognizing the source is helpful in the effort to find solution of the problem. Once the root of the problem is identified, teacher can try and then decide the appropriate solution options. The options to activate students in reading class discussed in this paper include two major categories: the use of game in creating competitive atmosphere and the exploitation of students’ metacognitive in Reading. Game has been long seen as an effective means to build confidence and at once to deliver material and/ or to present drilling. Having games in class has always been preferred by students regardless of the age. Games does not only provide activities of learning but by nature present sense of competition. The adrenaline rises as the students try to win the game, and this leads to increased participation in class. On a more ‘concious’ side, activating student awareness of their process of reading is also a way to activate students participation in Reading class, in a more quiet manner than games’. Teacher may develop questions to stimulate students awareness of their own reading strategies; to get students know how they get to their comprehesion on the text. This understanding of own strategies allow students to apply them in a way that they know, whenever they need them. 

 Key words: Reading, Games, Questions