An Evaluation of the Use of Students Webquest Project in Reading Class

Oleh :
Endang Setyaningsih - 198005132003122002 - Fak. KIP

This study focuses on students’ response toward the project of Web Quest
Making (WQM henceforth) in reading class. The WQM is linked to authenticity, critical and extensive reading. This study examines the students feeling toward the project and toward reading. The questionnaires and interviews results indicate students’ positive reaction on both aspects.  They show enjoyment and engagement in doing the project while admitting that some steps are quite challenging. The students also list many links which have been carefully selected, processed, and critically evaluated. At the end of the project, most students admitted that the project makes them read more.  Noticing that their project is accessible online makes them more responsible in writing the sections in the WQ and also in selecting trusted links. However, they felt less positive about working in a group for the project. This is linked to the time and ego management of individuals in the group. It is also important to note, the responses are given in the context in which WQM is monitored weekly. Monitoring is one key element  since in many reading classes, it takes more than just teacher giving sample, verbal encouragement, and providing interesting topics to make students read/ keep reading.  Students who started to read pleasurably can quit reading because they found out that it is okay not to read. In this case, teacher needs to run a mechanism that guarantee continuous monitoring. WQM helps teacher do the monitoring for two reasons: it has a fixed structure and is accessible online for ‘any time’-progress checking.   

Keyword: extensive reading, monitoring, webquest