Evaluasi Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Pembelian Obat-Obatan Pada UTDC PMI Kota Surakarta

Oleh :
Beni Haryanto - F3306124 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

PMI unit of Surakarta is an organization engaged in service to the community. In the rapid economic development, the company requires an expert provider of accounting information for management needs in economic decision making. One of therequired information system is Accounting Information System. Accounting information system is important to avoid the occurrence of errors and irregularities in the company. Other things because of the accounting information system includes a variety of activities related to the cycles of business transactions for the next business continuity.

One of the accounting information system that need to be considered by thecompany is purchasing system. The system used in the company's purchases for the procurement of goods needed by the company. In Surakarta purchase PMI UTDC frequent and large amounts of the purchase of drugs so that the purchase accounting system needs a good and adequate.

The evaluation was done that showed the purchase of accounting information systems of medicines in the city of Surakarta UTOC PMI has been running well in accordance with Standard Operating Procedure that has been set. Although there are still some weaknesses in its implementation, the system of procurement of medicines in Surakarta PMI UTDC good enough.

In the end, the  author gives the conclusion that the purchase accounting information systems in Surakarta PMI UTDC good enough in some of the things that makes the effectiveness and efficiency of work went well.