Peran moderasi gender pada pengaruh harapan peran kerja dan dukungan supervisor terhadap Family - Work Conflict (FWC) (studi pada karyawan CV. Putra Nugraha Surakarta)

Oleh :
Bambang Triadmojo - F1207542 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRAK The objectives of this research are to know influence from work role expectation and support of supervisor to FWC, influence between work role expectation to FWC with gender moderation, and influence between supervisor support to FWC with gender moderation. Research type applied in this research was survey research with sampling technique applies purposive type sampling. Data applied is primary data taken with questionnaire which what given to employee of CV. Putra Nugraha which is a married student. Respondent amounts was 97 people, while changeable was 82 questionnaires. Equipment of analysis applied was Independent Sample Test T-Test, hypothesizing test with doubled linear regression with hierarchy regression. Test result showed that all result was valid and reliable. Independent sample Test T-test showed that woman gender employee tends to had bigger FWC compared to male employee seen from woman value mean (average) equal to 24,52, it’s values was bigger compared to male employee who having value mean 17,41. Doubled linear regression test showed that work role expectation had positive influence to FWC, which means that increased of supervisor support value would increase FWC value. While support from supervisor didn't have positive effect to FWC, which means that increased of supervisor support value would increase FWC value, however value of supervisor support didn’t have an significant effect to FWC. Hierarchy regression test showed that interaction of work role expectation with gender had significant influence to FWC, which means that gender could moderate work role expectation to FWC, while interaction of supervisor support with gender to FWC had no significant effect, which means that gender couldn’t moderate supervisor support to FWC. Keyword: work role expectation, supervisor support, gender, family-work
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