Penulis Utama : Hamid Arifin
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NIM / NIP : 196005171988031002
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Judul : Representasi Perempuan dalam Pers
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Sumber : Jurnal Komunikasi Massa Vol 1 No 1 Juli 2007
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Jurnal UNS
Abstrak : Patriarchy is an ideology, which is very legitimate to defence asymmetric relation between male and female because it is a structured system, and social practice, which places male as a party to dominate female. There are two types of this system, i.e. private patriarchy, which emphasis housework as female’s job, and public patriarchy, which characterize male as workers in the public sector. As an ideology, patriarchy concept influences society’s point of view includes intellectuals, clergies and press eorkers in view and place female. Moreover, this ideology has been implemented for long period of time formed, socialized, enhanced, even it has been constructed culturally through religion teaching, moral and costumes, so its existence is assumed as natural and normal. Gender bias is to be realized as an problem whenever its implementation emerges many unfairly ness, such as marginalization and discrimination. Even in press live. Although gender discrimination in press developed not only by male egoism an sich which dominate press workers, but also by female role itself which unable to utilize press as self representation media
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