Penulis Utama : Artha Ratna Wijayanti
NIM / NIP : C9306106
× This final project is written based on my job training activities as an English teacher in SD N Polokarto 01, Sukoharjo. This final project report discusses the problems and solutions in teaching reading for the 4th graders of SD N Polokarto 01. By observing the class and teaching directly at the 4th grade class, I could write the final project completely, that illustrating the teaching English process in the class, the problems that happen and the solutions for its problems. The steps of teaching reading are the teacher gives short text or short dialogue first, then the teacher reads it and the students will repeat it together. The problems came from many aspects, from the students, the teachers and the environment. From the students, pronouncing some words which sound not familiar is difficult for the students. The students always get confused in understanding the meaning of the text. They also have low memory to learn new things, like English word quickly and they are bored with the lesson and busy with their own activities. In the teachers side, They have limited time to explain English and they often use unappropriate ways to teach English. This matters makes the teachers did not focus in teaching. The problems from environment refers to school and home. At school, the problems are the lack of facilities and material selection, and at home the problem is the parents interference and attention to their children are in a minimum size. The solutions for the problems above are: for the students, they need to get more motivation in learning English, it has a relationship with the teacher. They need to do more activities that have a relationship with English and they need to be more active in the class, for example answering the teacher’s question. For the teachers, they should manage their time in teaching, so it can be useful. they should create a good atmosphere in the class and they should be creative in making teaching strategy to make their class fun and relax. For the school, it should be completed by many facilities to support the teaching and learning process. For the parents at home, the importance of family is the big factor in the succesfully learning, so they must guide their child as much as possible.
Penulis Utama : Artha Ratna Wijayanti
Penulis Tambahan : -
NIM / NIP : C9306106
Tahun : 2009
Judul : The problems and solutions in teaching reading for the 4th graders of SD N Polokarto 01, Sukoharjo
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - FSSR - 2009
Program Studi : D-3 Sastra Inggris
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FSSR Prog. D III Sastra Inggris-C.9306106-2009
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Jenis Dokumen : Laporan Tugas Akhir (D III)
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Prof. Drs. M. R. Nababan, M.Ed, M.A, Ph.D
Penguji :
Catatan Umum : 3506/2009
Fakultas : Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa
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