Penulis Utama : Wahyu Dwi Wardiningsih
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NIM / NIP : M.0401051
Tahun : 2008
Judul : Pengaruh tomat (Solanum lycopersicum L.) terhadap regenerasi struktur mikroanatomi kerusakan hepar rattus norvegicus l.
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Imprint : Surakarta - FMIPA - 2008
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FMIPA-M.0401051-2008
Subyek : TOMAT
Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
Abstrak : ABSTRACT Liver degeneration can be caused by many factors, such as carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). The aim of this research was to know the effect of tomatoes to the microanatomy structure of hepar and level of serum glutamic piruvic transaminase (GPT) of white rats after given CCl4 orally. The idea of this research was the existence of licopene from tomatoes as antioxidant which is able to regenerate the liver cell which have been damage because of CCl4. In this research 20 white rats were used and grouped into 5 groups and each group contained 4 repetitions. Group I was only given aquades 2 ml during 28 days. Group II was given 0,2 ml CCl4 during 14 days then continued aquades 2 ml during 14 days. Group III was given 2 ml tomatoes during 14 days then continued aquades 2 ml during 14 days. While group IV and group V was given 0,2 ml CCl4 during 14 days then continued tomatoes with dosage of 2 ml and 3 ml during 14 days. The microanatomy structure of rats’s liver was analyzed qualitatively, while the level of GPT was analyzed statistically using ANOVA and continued DMRT in 5% significancy. This research showed that tomatoes was able to decrease the degeneration of liver cell which had caused by CCl4. The GPT level of white rats decreased and tended to normal in KV group. As high as dosage that have been given, the effect of tomatoes to decrease the degeneration would be shown. Keyword : tomatoes, liver, glutamic piruvic transaminase, microanatomy.
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Fakultas : Fak. MIPA