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Judul : Kajian anatomi daun dan bintil karabenguk (Mucuna pruriens) dalam kaitannya dengan proses fisiologis tanaman*)
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Abstrak : ABSTRACT The aim of this research was request : By the anatomy kranz, What was Velvet bean included on C3 or C4 photosynthesis cycle ? Which one Velvet bean nodules, included determinate or indeterminate type ?. By the both factors, why influenced on velvet bean growth ? This research was conduct on green house faculty of agriculture UNS Surakarta, with soil come from Tancep, Ngawen, Gunungkidul on 170 m up sea level and 9-10° elevation with soil kind was Litosol. Design utilization was Randomized Completed Block Design (RCBD) with 6 cultivar treatment and 8 replications. Identification by anatomy conducted by optical microscop. Raw material was fixation by FAA, dehydration by alcohol, dealcoholozation by xylol, infiltration by xylol paraffin and embedding by pure paraffin. Cutting by rotary microtom with 12 mm thickness. Take on template by glyserin and albumin and added aquadest. Colorization by safranin on alcohol and fast green on alcohol. The result of this research was the first, by the anatomy kranz that Vetvet bean included on C3 photosynthesis cycle. The second, nodules of velvet bean included on indeterminate type. The last item, the nodules lysis after decreasing chlorophyll before this time. Key Words : anatomy, physiology, velvet bean
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