Penulis Utama : Ririn Nurliyani Budi Rahayu
NIM / NIP : S520908011
× ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the 5As method about stop- smoking-attitudes, for cognitif domain, afectif domain and conatif domain. This research design is experimental with pretest-postest control group design. The research subjects are smoker in the district Jaten who meet the criteria inclusion and exsclusion Sample picked by the purposive sampling. The number of subjek are 40 divided two part each 20 treated with 5As method performed for about four sessions and 20 with promoting health standar. Research instruments used are questionnaires of valid and reliable Stop Smoking Scale. The data collected is processed and analyzed with chi square test for statistical calculations of data categorical, independent t-test for differences in rates of two groups of variables, variable relationships with significance level 5%. From the results of the research have a significant increase in the total scale score changes to stop smoking between the treatment group compared to the control group (t = 4.284 p = 0.000 (<0.05)). Changes in cognitive domain scores (t = 2.522 p =- 0.018 (<0.05)), affective domain. (Z =- 0.376 p =- 0.001 (<0.05)), and domain konatif (Z =- 4.189 p = 0.000 (<0.05)). This 5As method can increase Stop smoking scale and can be used as a method to provide motivation to stop smoking. Keywords: Method 5As - Smoking Attitudes
Penulis Utama : Ririn Nurliyani Budi Rahayu
Penulis Tambahan : -
NIM / NIP : S520908011
Tahun : 2010
Judul : Pengaruh metode 5As terhadap sikap merokok
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2010
Program Studi : S-2 Kedokteran Keluarga
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-Pascasarjana-Prog. Studi Kedoteran Keluarga-S.520908011-2010
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Jenis Dokumen : Tesis
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Prof. Dr.dr. Ambar Mudigdo, SpPAK
2. dr. Balgis, M.Sc.,CM-FM
Penguji :
Catatan Umum : 3851/2010
Fakultas : Sekolah Pascasarjana
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