Penulis Utama : Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, M.s.
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Judul : Mobilitas Sosial Petani di Sentra Industri Kecil
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One of the objective of this study is to know the causes and the process of occupation transformation from farmer to small scale industries worker. The study was conducted in the regencies of Sukoharjo and Klaten, Central Java.
The push-and-pull factors that causes the occupation transformation from farmers to small scale handicraft industry workers varied from the fulfilment of the need of life, the limited supply of farm land, other people’s invitation, continuing the parents’ enterprise, the higher level of wages in the craft industry sector, and the availability of apprenticeship system to the senior craftsmen. The apprenticeship system became the dominant non formal education that transformed the farmers from agriculture to smal scale industry. The transformation of jobs from agriculture to small scale industry had caused the social mobility, either vertically or horizontally; further, it created new social stratification and diversification in the rural areas. Since most of the households of the surveyed villages changed their occupation from farming to crafts industry, the character of the rural villages  which was agrarian changed to industry character.

The limited opportunity available o n the formal education and o n the short courses in small scale industry subjects, the apprenticeship system of the craftsmen became the dominant learning system in their way to reach the self reliance in business and the success in the transformation from farmers to craftsmen.  Therefore, it could be concluded, that the apprenticeship system could be developed into an extension service of the small scale industry.

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magang, petani, pengrajin, deferensiasi sosial, startifikasi sosial, dan mobilitas sosial.

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