Penulis Utama : Mr. Khampheng Sengbounthanh
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NIM / NIP : S890809011
Tahun : 2011
Judul : Improving the students’ speaking skills by using buzz group (A Classroom Action Research at Seventh Grate of Nong Bone Public High School in Laos, the First Semester in Academic Year of 2010/2011)
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Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2011
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Sumber : UNS-Pascasarjana Prod. Pendidikan bahasa Inggris-S.890809011-2011
Jenis Dokumen : Tesis
Abstrak : The objective of the research is to know whether or not the use of Buzz Group can improve the students’ speaking skill. Besides, the study is also intended to know the effects that may happen in using Buzz Group to improve the students’ speaking skill. The research was conducted at NBPHS from October 2010. The method he uses is a Classroom Action Research. The subject of the research is seventh grade students of NBPHS in the first semester in Academic year of 2010/2011, consisting of 17female and 18 male students. They have similar characteristics of Basic English mastery which can be seen from the result of pre-test. The data were derived from several techniques including test, observation, interview, questionnaires, and document analysis. To analyze the quantitative data, the writer used a descriptive statistics, describing the highest and lowest scores and means. To analyze the qualitative data, the writer applied constant comparative method. The finding reveal that firstly, the use of Buzz Group enables the students to improve their speaking skills the improvement can be obtained from practicing and ding the instructions which have been stated in the authentic pictures which can be found in the laboratory. Secondly, the use of Buzz Group can improve the students’ motivation. It can be seen from the activity of students in the group and individual presentation using pictures. Thirdly, the use of Buzz Group makes the students improve their vocabulary. The pictures containing new vocabularies are a great value for them. Finally, the use of Buzz Group can improve the students’ mastery of English grammar through the activities of preparing written procedure texts for speaking to be memorized and told to their friends. The research finding of this study implies that the use of Buzz Group can improve the students’ speaking skills well. Therefore, the English teachers are recommended to make use of Buzz Group, as pictures to improve the students’ speaking skill because pictures will cover the four language skills in practice. They should be creative to guide the students in exploring the pictures so that the students are able to understand and master them well. The use of Buzz Group, as pictures can build up students’ interest and motivation. That is why the students should often be assigned to look for pictures for their activities in enriching the vocabulary and allowing them to active and creative. The researcher suggests to other researchers to develop other points which can be obtained from using Buzz Group to improve the students’ speaking skills.
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Pembimbing : 1. Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd
2. Gurnaso, M.Ed
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