Penulis Utama : Muhammad Taubah Setiawan
Penulis Tambahan : -
NIM / NIP : X.2209030
Tahun : 2011
Judul : Improving Writing Skill Through Guided Writing (An Action Research At The First Year Of SMA N 2 Sragen In The Academic Year Of 2010/ 2011)
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - FKIP - 2011
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FKIP Jur. Pend. Bahasa Inggris - X.2209030-2011
Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
Abstrak : ABSTRAK The purpose of the research is to know whether guided writing can improve students’ writing skill. The first year students of SMA N 2 Sragen, the Academic Year of 2010/ 2011, encountered problems dealing with writing skill. First, most of them were unable to write in correct spelling. Second, they were unable to write the correct punctuation. Third, some of them had bad habits in capitalization. Fourth, they were unable to apply correct grammar rules. Fifth, they were unable to organize the idea and to make coherent paragraphs. To deal with those problems, the writer proposed an action research using guided writing as the method. The purpose of the research was to investigate whether or not teaching by using guided writing can improve students’ writing skills. The action research was done in one cycle, consisted of four steps: planning, action, observing and reflection. The cycle itself consisted of four sessions. The duration of each session was forty-five minutes long. The writer used class observation, interview, field notes, and photographs to collect the data. The writer used steps in analyzing the data. Those steps were getting to know the data, focus the analysis, categorize information, identify patterns between categories, and interpretation. To measure the improvement of the students’ writing skills, the writer conducted tests. The tests were pre-test and post tests. The writer measured the improvement between pre-test and post-test, by comparing the means of those two. The result of the research showed that guided writing could improve students’ writing skills. The students became aware of how to use correct spelling, correct punctuation, correct capitalization, correct grammar, and organize the idea into coherent paragraph. There were some advantages of guided writing method, such as the students vocabularies were increasing, the students got the concept of writing clearly, the students were confident, and the students’ awareness was improving. On the other hand, guided writing also had some disadvantages, such as it took a lot of time to carry out, it made the students feel bored, and it took a lot of effort from the teacher. Their mean score of the pre-test was 77, while their mean score at the posttest, increased up to 89. There was improvement between pre-test and post-test. Here, teaching writing using guided writing does improve students’ writing skills
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Dr. Abdul Azib, M. Pd
2. Dr. Sujoko
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Fakultas : Fak. KIP