Penulis Utama : Beni Widagdo
NIM / NIP : X2210006
× Based on the writer’s observation on 8 August 2011 that was supported by pre-test on 5th January 2012 in Science Class XI-3 of SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta, the problems can be identified as follows; (1) the students got difficulties in pronouncing word correctly; (2) the students got difficulties in using word; (3) the students got difficulties in speaking grammatically; (4) the students were hardly able to speak English fluently; (5) the students didn’t communicate in English comprehensively; (6) The class was not interactive; (7) There was a minim interaction between students to another student; (8) The students got easily embarrassed about talking in front of others; (9) The students were lazy to ask the teacher about the problem in learning speaking. Related to these problems, the writer proposes the implementation of role play conducted for speaking activity. This research is conducted; (1) to find out whether role play can improve students’ speaking ability of Science Class XI-3 in SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta; (2) to find out whether role-play can improve class situation’s problem in learning-teaching activity in Science Class XI-3 of SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta. In this study, the researcher applies a classroom action research. This research was conducted in two cycles from 8th August 2011 to 19th January 2012. The first and the second cycles consist of four and three meetings. They consist of planning, action, observing, and reflection. The class consists of 28 students of 14 boys and 14 girls. The techniques of collecting data used were consisted observational and non observational techniques. These data were analyzed by the quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data was analyzed by comparing score before and after each cycle. Qualitative was analyzed by constant comparative method. The teacher and researcher analyzed the research results and conclude several findings: (1) Students were able to pronounce the word; (2) Students were able to speech grammatically; (3) Students were able to use words in speaking; (4) Students were able to speech fluently; (5) Students were able to speech comprehensively; (7) Students could make an interaction to another students in speaking class; (8) Some students performed their speech voluntarily; (9) Almost of the students were active to joint in the activity. It also can be seen that role play can improve students’ speaking ability by their test achievement. The students’ mean score before the action is 60.48, it improves up to 66.92 in the first cycle, and up to 75.58 in the second cycle. It can be concluded that role play can improve students’ speaking ability, classroom situation, and is very potential to be applied in speaking class.
Penulis Utama : Beni Widagdo
Penulis Tambahan : -
NIM / NIP : X2210006
Tahun : 2012
Judul : The Use of Role-Play to Improve Students' Speaking Skill (a Classroom Action Research in Science Class XI-3of SMA Negeri 7 Surakarta in the 2011/2012 Academic Year)
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2012
Program Studi : S-1 Pendidikan Sastra Inggris Non Reguler
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-Pascasarjana Prog.Studi English Education-X2210006-2012
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Jenis Dokumen : Tesis
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Drs. A. Handoko Pudjobroto
2. Hefy Sulistyawati, S.S
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Fakultas : Sekolah Pascasarjana
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