Penulis Utama : Akbar Rhaditstya Putra
NIM / NIP : D1210004
× Indonesia consist of various ethnic groups, traditions, and culture raises of issues that aren’t simple. Moreover the state of Indonesia which consist of various islands that stretches from Sabang to the Merauke. Of course not easy to monitor the situation and developments in the deepest ends of islands in Indonesia. A wide range of common problems such as inadequate infrastructure, educational infrastructur that doesnt qualify, the destruction of nature, as well as variety of other problems that may be more complex. What’s more pictures in the newspapers in presenting events into a visual form photo will certainly be more attractive to readers. As in this study using two essay titles photo is Rindu Jembatan menuju Sekolah dan Jejak Terakhir di Ujung Karang. Both of them shown the problems that are still relevant to the lives of the people of Indonesia. That problem is about infrastructure in the village such as no bridge and classroom were damaged. Another title shown about damaged the ocean environment is the number of dead corals. Two titles photo essay are important to study because the two issues are related to the performance of the government and the lack of environmental awareness. If untreated, it can make people lose and life difficulties The newspaper that can critized government policies and show problems in various areas in Indonesia can then make a self reflection for policy makers, the central and local goverments. It can be a control function for the community to participate and also overseas several government policies that have been implemented. On the other hand the photographs with theme of social critism is able to arouse public awareness to take action and make a difference. Drs. Mursito BM, S.U Diah Kusumawati, S. Sos, M. Si
Penulis Utama : Akbar Rhaditstya Putra
Penulis Tambahan : 1.
NIM / NIP : D1210004
Tahun : 2013
Judul : Kritik sosial dalam foto jurnalistik (Studi Semiotika tentang Pesan-pesan Kritik Sosial dalam Foto Jurnalistik Kompas di Rubrik Foto Pekan Ini dengan judul Rindu Jembatan menuju Sekolah dan Jejak Terakhir di Ujung Karang)
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - FISIP - 2013
Program Studi : S-1 Ilmu Komunikasi Non Reguler
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FISIP Jur. Ilmu Komunikasi-D.1210004-2013
Kata Kunci :
Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
Link DOI / Jurnal : -
Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Drs.H. Nuryanto, M. Si
2. Drs.H. Hamid Arifin, M.Si
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Catatan Umum :
Fakultas : Fak. ISIP
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