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NIM / NIP : S.890809219
Tahun : 2013
Judul : The Perception Of The English Teachers Towards Their Roles In Doing Action Research ( A Case Study In Blora In 2011)
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Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasrajana - 2013
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Sumber : UNS-Pascasrajana Prodi. Pend. Bhs. Inggris-S.890809219-2014
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Abstrak : The purpose of this study is to describe the perceptions of English teachers in Blora about their paticipation in classroom action research, their thinking about instructional teaching practices and the impact of this thinking on teaching practice. There are two areas to describe: (a) the English teachers’ perception about their participation in classroom action research, and (b) the English teachers’ perception about their teaching after conducting classroom action research. The data were collected from the interview with some English teacherparticipants in Blora, classroom observation, the collection of teacher and studentwork and related artifacts. The data that the researcher had included were all about how the English teachers-participants in Blora participated in the action research, reflected and perceived change in their instruction.The research showed that there were not many English teachers in Blora engaged to join the action research. When offered to thirty teachers, there were only five who wanted to participate. But three were considered enough by the researcher as the samples of this study case to represent every district in Blora regency. The result of the research showed that all of the three teacher-partcipants first, had similar opinions that participating in the action research had some advantages and positive impact to their development not only on their career but also their teaching practices. Second, when they did their classroom action research and followed the steps suggested, all participants perceived changes and realized that their instruction that they maintained so far needed to improve because when they reflected from their students - work data from the previous teaching and learning process was unsatisfactory. First, Teacher A noted that his class got the mean 61on the previous teaching and learning process. Then, it increased from 67 on Cycle One to 74 on Cycle Two. Second, Teacher B noted that his class got the mean 54.08 on the previous teaching and learning process. Then, it increased from 60.31 on Cycle One to 65.33 on Cycle Two. Finally, Teacher C noted that her class got the mean 50.83 on the previous teaching and learning process. Then, it increased from 56.95 on Cycle One to 65.37 on Cycle Two. Based on the facts that action research could make the English teacherparticipants in Blora improve their reflective teaching practice, there should be more teachers doing the same thing.
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Pembimbing : 1. Dr. Sojoko, M.A.,
2. Drs. Heribertus Tarjana, M.A.
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