Penulis Utama : Gunung Dewantara
NIM / NIP : C1306006
× The objective of this study is to explain how Madonna becomes an American cultural icon based on her fans’ comments on her official weblog. It focuses on Madonna as an American cultural icon for her influence in American music industry and on American people. This study is a descriptive qualitative research that takes Madonna’s official weblog the source of data. The primary data are Maodnna’s fans’ comments on the blog. There are twenty three data used in this research. The secondary data are taken from several websites that are related to any news and information about Madonna. The theories that are applied to analyze the data are theory of popular culture, theory of cultural icon and theory of Semiotics. It concludes that Madonna is an American cultural icon who influences American music industry, as a part of cultural aspect in the America, for decades with many works she produced. She influences American people by shaping ideology and habits as well as construing paradigm through her music. In fact, she involves some other aspects other than music in spreading her influence. First, Madonna influences people in America by using her pop music alone. Second, Madonna influences American people by using the combination of pop music and her personality and appearance. Third, Madonna influences American people by using the combination of her pop music and controversial issues she sparked. Those together helped Madonna spread her influence through out the nation and even the world. The result clearly portrays how influential Madonna is in the music as a product of popular culture and therefore she is a cultural icon.
Penulis Utama : Gunung Dewantara
Penulis Tambahan : 1.
NIM / NIP : C1306006
Tahun : 2014
Judul : Madonna As An American Cultural Icon: A Study Of Madonna’s Fans’ Comments On Her Official Blog
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Imprint : Surakarta - FSSR - 2014
Program Studi : S-1 Sastra Inggris Non Reguler
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Sumber : UNS-FSSR Jur. Bahasa INGGRIS-C.1306006-2014
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Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Dra. Sri Kusumo Habsari, M.Hum., Ph.D.
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Fakultas : Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa
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