Penulis Utama : Nurul Gilang Abriani
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NIM / NIP : S891302034
Tahun : 2015
Judul : The Effectiveness of Quantum Method to Teach Listening to Young Learners Viewed from Students’ Motivation (An Experimental Study of the Fifth Grade Students of SDN Mranggen 2 in the Academic Year Of 2013/2014)
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Imprint : Surakarta - FKIP - 2015
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Sumber : UNS-FKIP Jur. Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris-S.891302034-2015
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This research aims at investigating whether Quantum method is more
effective than Storytelling method to teach listening; students having high motivation
have better listening skill than those having low motivation; and there is any
interaction between teaching methods and students’ motivation in teaching listening
skill for the fifth grade students of SDN Mranggen 2 in the Academic Year of
This research was conducted in a state elementary school, SDN Mranggen 2
in the academic year of 2013/2014. The method used in this research was
experimental study. The population of this research was the fifth grade students
which were grouped into three classes. Each class consisted of 20 students. Since the
population was grouped into classes, the sampling applied was cluster random
sampling. Then, the research sample was two classes which were taken randomly.
They were VA and VBwhich played as experimental class and control
classsuccessively. To obtain the data of the students’ listening score, a listening test
was used and a close questionnaire was used to obtain the data of students’
motivation. Then, those data were analyzed through descriptive and inferential
analysis using ANOVA and Tukey test.
The research findings are as follows: Quantum method is more effective than
Storytelling method to teach listening for the fifth grade students; the listening skill of
the students having high motivation is significantly different from the students having
low motivation; and there is an interaction between teaching methods and motivation
in teaching listening for the fifth grade students.
Finally, based on the research result, it can be concluded that Quantum
Method is an effective method to teach listening skill, and the effectiveness is
affected by the level of students’ motivation. Thus, it is recomended that English
teachers apply Quantum Method in teaching listening; teachers create the activity in
such a way that can improve students having low motivation; the future researchers
are expected to develop some dimensions which have not been developed in this
research such as different students’ population or students’ other psychologist aspect.
Keywords: Quantum Method, Storytelling Method, listening, young learners,
motivation, experimental study

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