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NIM / NIP : 195502101982031004
Tahun : 2003
Judul : Dampak Kelainan terhadap Keluarga dan Upaya Rehabilitasinya
Edisi : Tahun 13, No. 1, Juni 2003
Imprint : Surakarta - UNS: Pusat Penelitian Rehabilitasi dan Remediasi (PPRR) Lembaga Penelitan - 2003
Kolasi : 12 hal.
Sumber : JRR Jurnal Rehabilitasi & Remediasi - Tahun 13, No. 1, Juni 2003
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Jurnal UNS
ISSN : 0854-0020
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A baby born with a certain handicapping condition very  often causes a great amount of misery on the  side of parents  and other members of the family. Depending    on  how  severe    the  handicapping   condition   the  baby  may     have, parents     will    he   confronted    by   some    extent    of negative    impact,    both psychologically    and socially.   These two   impacts, called  psychosocial  conditions, vary from parents to  parents. Psycological conditions constitute negative feelings  in response to the baby's  dejects,  Social condition  on the hand, emerge  in response to the external  attitude  and behavior  exposed  by the people around due the  baby's bizarre appearance or performance. Such parents need psychological,   social,  medical, and educational  assistance not  only  to sooth  themselves.   but also  to  help the  child grow and develop  as  an individual  like other children  in general.              '
Kata kunci: Kondisi psikososial, keluarga, rehabilitasi


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