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Tahun : 2015
Judul : Efektivitas Logoterapi terhadap Kadar Kortisol Serum Pasien Kanker Serviks Stadium Lanjut
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Imprint : Surakarta - UNS: F. Kedokteran - 2015
Kolasi : 10 hal.
Sumber : PLACENTUM Jurnal Kesehatan dan Aplikasinya Volume 3 /Nomor 2 / Agustus / 2015
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Jurnal UNS
ISSN : 2303-3746
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Background: More than 40 of all malignancy on woman were gynecologic cancer.

the most common cancer is cervical cancer. On advance stage of cervical cancer, there

may be a stres that comes from biologic, psychology and social aspects. The patients

may face a physical and emotional burden which could activate the mechanism respo

of HPA-axis. Repeat activation could impair HPA-axis and circadian rhythm of corti             

Psychotherapy, especially logotherapy is found to give benefit on cancer patien 's

therapy by improving their knowledge about their disease and therapy, improving their

emotional adjustment, quality of life, survival ability, satisfaction of therapy, as ell -

physical and functional heath adjustment.

Methods: This study using experimental double blind non randomized clinical

post-test group design towards cortisol serum level advance stage cervical cancer. T.-'"

subjects of this study using purposive random sampling which consist of 30 patie

devided into 15 patients on control group, and the other 15 were treated group. Co ~

group were having standard therapy only while treated group were having a 6 ses io

logoteraphy with 45 minutes duration on each session for a week plus standard the

All subjects were met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The result were anal rz

SPSS 19.0 version for windows and using t test.

Result: Distribution of mean cortisol level were lower in the serum of patients

group (3,99±5,22 ng/ml), compared with the control group (20,28±7,44 ng rz,

Analysis of cortisol level variables using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test in both cnY ••• ....."c,:,

showed the results are normally distributed with p=0,069 (p>0,05), for the tre ~

group and p=0,805 (P>0,05) for the control group. The results of t-test ho

significant difference with p=O,OOO «0,05).

Conclusion: There is an effectiivity of logotherapy towardscortisol serum I

advanced stage cervical cancer.


Keywords: Cervical cancer, Logotherapy, Cortisol serum level

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