Penulis Utama : Nugraheni Eko Wardani
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NIM / NIP : 197007162002122001
Tahun : 2017
Judul : R And P Learning Model Based on Contemporary Puppet Show for the Students of Bahasa Indonesia For Non-Native Speakers to Improve the Understanding of Indonesian Culture
Edisi : Proceeding of Aisofoll Vol. 3, 2017
Imprint : Jakarta - Seameo Qitep in Language - 2017
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Sumber : Proceeding of aisofoll Vol. 3, 2017
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Prosiding
ISSN : 2443-4191
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This study aims to (1) define and describe Indonesian learning model for non-native speakers using the cultural aspects which have been implemented; (2) explain and describe the   development   of   Indonesian   learning   model   for   non-native   speakers   using   the contemporary puppet-based as an alternative to BIPA learning based on Indonesian culture.

This research belongs to development research. The development is done through three stages as presented namely (1) the early development phase; (2) the validation phase of the research; and (3) the production phase. The data source is in the form of informant of BIPA teachers, BIPA students, contemporary puppeteer, and the experts to validate the data. The documents data is in the form of BIPA textbooks. The events such as BIPA learning in UNS and a puppet show performed BIPA students. The data collection technique is through observation, interviews, document analysis, focus group discussions, and questionnaires. The analysis of the data used interactive analysis.

The results of the research showed that learning Indonesian for non-native speakers

that  have been  implemented have  not  reach  the aspects  of active learning to  make the students close to the puppet directly. Students usually just saw through the video or the image of a puppet show. The cultural aspect learning is only by knowing Indonesian dishes, cooking Indonesian food, knowing the traditional market, and others. Thus, the researchers carried out the development of BIPA learning model based on puppet including the aspects of Indonesian culture with the Receptive and Productive models or R and P models. This model is an active learning model. The receptive models is started from the level of liking, the level of enjoying, and the level of reacting integrated with scientific learning steps (5 M) : observing, asking,  trying,  reasoning,  and  communicating.  The  production  aspect  combined  the integrative and interactive ways between the productive level with the mind mapping and role playing methods.


Keywords:learning model, BIPA, contemporary puppet

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Catatan Umum : The Proceeding of the Seventh Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language Learning (The 7th AISIFOLL) Conducted in 2016
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