Penulis Utama : Anayanti Rahmawati
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NIM / NIP : 197601032010122001
Tahun : 2016
Judul : Literature study school readiness in early childhood
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Imprint : Semarang - UNNES - 2016
Kolasi : 10 halaman
Sumber : Proceeding International Conference Semarang Early Chilhood Research and Educational Talks
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Prosiding
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This study is based on literature review school readiness that aims to explain school readiness in early childhood. The method used is study literature with resources from abstrak journals review, research journals review, handbooks and reference books. Data analysis using comparison between theory. Some theories and research states that school readiness is a child's readiness to enter formal school. There are two concepts of readiness that is readiness for learning and readiness for school. Every child born in a state ready to learn, but to be ready for school, a child must have a certain skills and abilities. Early childhood is a child who will start formal school entry, so it is very important to developed and taught school readiness during this period. Domain school readiness include development of physical and motor, social emotional, language, cognitive and general knowledge. Theoretically school readiness can be viewed from several perspectives, that are  maturationist model, environmentalist model, constructivist model, cumulative-skill model and transactional model. Factors that affect school readiness often associated with ecological concepts because these factors are interconnected that include ready families, ready communities, ready services and ready schools. Conclusions based on the study of literature, school readiness is important owned by every children before entering the formal school so that children can follow the lesson well in school. There are many factors that affect school readiness, but these factors are still to be investigated further relevance through further study in the future.

Keywords: school readiness, early childhood, school


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