Penulis Utama : Munawir Yusuf
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NIM / NIP : 195505011981031003
Tahun : 2015
Judul : Inclusive Education Management Model in Elementary School
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Imprint : Ambon - Universitas Pattimura: FKIP - 2015
Kolasi : 5 p.
Sumber : Proceeding Internasional Seminar IFTTESOS ‘’Character Building Through Eduation and Sciences’’
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Prosiding
ISBN : 978-602-73668-0-0
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The purpose of this study was to (1) describe the current condition of implementation of inclusive education in primary schools, (2) to develop a model of inclusive education management, and (3) to examine the effectiveness of the management model of inclusive education in primary schools. Method of Research and Development (R & D) was used in this study, with the following stage; (1) a preliminary study to see the study, (2) developing a model of inclusive education management, and (3) examining the efffectiveness of districts namely; Surakarta, Boyolali, Sujoharjo, and Karanganyar. The subject of this research was conducted in 51 inclusive schools of this research consisted of principals and teachers, students with special needs education (SNE). Student witout SNE, and school committee. The results of preliminary study concluded (1) the use of existing performance indicators principals and teachers, the implementation of inclusive education in primary schools did not meet the expected criteria, (2) one of the most widely perceived obstacle is the unavailability of standardized management of inclusive schools, (3) response of the school committee students with SNE, and students without SNE to inclusive education category is quite positive, (4) the inclusive schools did not run fuctions and aspects of school management adequately, (5) the schools urgemtly needed guide management of iclusive education. The final product of the development of inclusive management model requires controlling, by combining the nine aspects of school management in terms of institutional management, curriculum, teaching prosess, evaluation, stdent, facilities, human resources, public participation, and financing. To run the management model of inclusive education effectively, guide book on inclusive education management should be provided. The result of the evaluation by principals and teachers indicated that inclusive education management model was vey effevtive. From the result, it is recommended that the guide book be disseminated for use as a guideline in the management of inclusive eduaction in elementary schools in Indonesia.


Keywords: model Development, Management of Inclusive Education, Inclusive Education, Childern with Special Needs

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