Penulis Utama : Habib Rifa’i
NIM / NIP : C0397033
× Daisy Miller is one of James’ novels that talks about cultural gap. There are many cultural conflicts between American and European. The researcher had formulated three problem statements as follows: (1) How are the cultural differences in Daisy Miller? (2) How does the society in Daisy Miller view Daisy Miller? (3) How does Henry James view American culture as represented by Daisy Miller in Daisy Miller? In order to answer the questions, the researcher used genetic structuralism approach by Lucien Goldman to analyze Daisy Miller, because genetic structuralism is used to find the world view of the author toward his novel. There are three aspects to be correlated in genetic structuralism, i.e. the novel itself, biography of the author, the social condition when the novel was created. The researcher also had to find the previous novel and novel after Daisy Miller which have the same theme and correlated them with Daisy Miller. By the combination of the aspects above, the researcher could find Henry James’ view about American culture as represented by Daisy Miller in Daisy Miller. There were three findings in this research: First, the researcher found that there are cultural differences between America and Europe. In Daisy Miller Henry James presents the Americans who had settled in Europe lived in a luxurious life. It can be seen from their life style. They stayed from one hotel to another and they liked to hold parties. The Millers family brought a private tutor to teach Randolph, Daisy’s brother. It was very expensive to bring a private tutor from America to Europe; but James presents the society to show that it was a rich and high-class society. Daisy Miller was a visitor in Europe. She brought the pure American culture. The conflict appeared when she was considered to break the rules in Europe such as walking in the night with a man. Second, the researcher identified the view of society to Daisy Miller. The characters in Daisy Miller were: (1) Frederick Winterbourne. He was a young American who had lived and schooled in Geneva. He sometimes judged Daisy as a good girl, but in other time he considered her as a bad girl. (2) Mrs. Costello. She is American but with European air. She looked down the Millers family because of their new money, unsophisticated conduct, and intimacy with their courier. (3) Mrs. Walker. She exemplified the values of the formal American but with European air similar to Mrs. Costello. (4) He was an Italian man. He considered Daisy just as natural and innocent girl. (5) Mrs. Miller. She was Daisy’s mother. She was the opposite of a higher class European mother, because she allowed her daughter to do as she liked. Third, the researcher found that Henry James presents Daisy Miller as the representation of American culture. Daisy’s characteristics are: (1) Freedom. (2) Naturalness. (3) Innocence. (4) Purity. Henry James takes the American culture a little higher than European culture. He also considers that two different cultures can live together in one community comfortably as long as the member of society respects each other.
Penulis Utama : Habib Rifa’i
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NIM / NIP : C0397033
Tahun : 2003
Judul : Henry James’ view about American culture as represented by Daisy Miller in Daisy Miller (genetic structuralism approach)
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Imprint : Surakarta - FSSR - 2003
Program Studi : S-1 Sastra Inggris
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Sumber : UNS-FSSR Jur. Sastra Inggris-C.0397033-2003
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Catatan Umum : 113/2003
Fakultas : Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa
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