Penulis Utama : Anggraeni Dewi Sari
NIM / NIP : C0314003

This research was conducted to analyze the translation of the compliment expressions in the utterances  in  webtoon  entitled  Siren’s  Lament.  The  research  objectives  of this research are to identify translation techniques of compliment expressions of webtoon entitled Siren’s Lament, and to describe translation quality of compliment expressions of webtoon entitled Siren’s Lament.

The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method. The data consisted of utterances of compliment expressions in English as source text and its translation in Indonesian language as target text. The data were collected with content analysis and focus group discussion.

The results of the data analysis show that there are 61 data of compliment expression found. The research findings reveal some points. There are 20 compliment expressions (32.8%) in topic of personal appearance, 6 compliment [removed]9.8%) in topic of possession, 28 compliment [removed]54.1%) in topic of general ability, 7 compliment [removed]11.5%) in topic of specific-act ability. There are 14 techniques found in this study. The most dominant technique used is established equivalent which amounts to 39.38%, followed by the technique of variation with 29.66%, literal translation with 6.64%, amplification with 5.75%, borrowing with 5.31%, reduction with 3.1%, particularization with 2.65%, discursive creation with 2.21%, modulation with 2.21%, transposition with 1.33%, compensation with 0.44%, generalization with 0.44%, linguistic amplification with 0.44%, and linguistic compression with 0.44%. The translation quality in terms of accuracy, acceptability, and readability show the score in each aspect; the score of accuracy is 2.67, the score of acceptability is 2.85, and the score of readability is 2.82. Therefore the total score of the translation quality is 2.75 and it is categorized as high-quality translation.


Penulis Utama : Anggraeni Dewi Sari
Penulis Tambahan : -
NIM / NIP : C0314003
Tahun : 2018
Judul : Analysis of Translation of Compliment Expressions in The Utterances in Webtoon Entitled Siren’s Lament
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - FIB - 2018
Program Studi : S-1 Sastra Inggris
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FIB Jur. Sastra Inggris-C0314003-2018
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Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Nur Saptaningsih, S.Hum., M.Hum.
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Fakultas : Fak. Ilmu Budaya
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