Penulis Utama : Hanif Ari Rahmatika
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NIM / NIP : K2210031
Tahun : 2017
Judul : Teachers’ Code-Switching In English Classroom – a Sociolinguistic Study at a Senior High School in Surakarta Academic Year 2014/2015
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Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2017
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Sumber : UNS-Pascasarjana Jur. Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris -K2210031-2017
Jenis Dokumen : Tesis
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The objectives of this study is to investigate (1) why the teachers use code-switching in teaching English and (2) the students’ opinions toward the code-switching performed by the teachers.
This research was a qualitative employing naturalistic inquiry and taking sociolinguistic point of view. The subjects were two English teachers and four students of a senior high school in Surakarta. In collecting the data, the researcher used recorded observation and interview. The data of the research was the form of information about the reason why the teachers use code-switching and about the students’ responses toward the English teachers’ code-switching. The researcher found 120 data from four times observation. Each datum was looked from the context. Meanwhile, the datum that was showed in chapter analysis had some criteria: it must help or support the researcher to answer the research problem, the datum was unique, or the datum repetitively occurred in the class. The techniques which were used for analyzing the data were reducing the data, displaying the data, and verifying and drawing conclusion. The findings showed that there are three reasons for teachers’ code-switching in English teaching and learning process; the lack of students' English proficiency, the lack of students' understanding of the given material, and the unfavorable classroom condition. The students’ opinions toward teachers’ code-switching can be grouped as agree and disagree acts. They were agreeing because they like teachers’ code-switching because it gave them deeper understanding and they also like teachers’ code-switching because it made a better class situation. They were disagreeing because it gave less motivation for some students. It can be concluded that in the learning process, the teachers employ code-switching when the students do not able to understand the English that is used by the teachers.

Keywords : Code-switching, English as foreign language, classroom interaction

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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd.
2. Hefy Sulistyawati, S.S., M.Pd.
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Fakultas : Pascasarjana