Penulis Utama : Siska Diana Sari
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NIM / NIP : T311508018
Tahun : 2019
Judul : Rekonstruksi model perlindungan hukum pasien klinik kecantikan estetika dalam perspektif hak konstitusional warga negara
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2019
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-Pascasarjana Prodi. Ilmu Hukum- T311508018 -2109
Jenis Dokumen : Disertasi
Abstrak :

The objectives of research were to find out and to analyze the factors affecting the implementation of law protection model for esthetic beauty clinic‘s patients in citizen‘s constitutional right protection perspective. This study was a Socio Legal Studies research. Data analysis was conducted using a qualitative method, i.e. analyzing data based on systematic understanding and processing of data obtained from legislation inventorying, and results of field observation, interview and library research. The result of research showed the factors affecting the implementation of legal protection model to aesthetic clinic‘s patients viewed from the protection of citizen‘s constitutional right perspective today indicating that implementation content, and drug and executor regulations are still less completed and need improvement. Viewed from the Context of Implementation, the structure factor, in this case Ministry of Health and Local Government, as leading sector in esthetic beauty clinic service responded to the violation less sensitively and many esthetic beauty clinics employ executing officers and use medicines and dangerous chemicals inconsistently with the specified guideline. Regulation and Supervision conducted by Ministry of Health, Local Government, and Law Enforcer have not run optimally and maximally yet. IDI played very limited role, and patients had poor understanding on their right and law protection. The reconstruction of law protection model for esthetic beauty clinic‘s patients in citizen‘s constitutional right protection perspective should use Grindle‘s Policy Implementation theory. As a regulator, the government is recommended to govern the right and the law protection of beauty clinic‘s patients in more detailed; structural reform should be conducted in relation to its implementation; education should be given to the people about healthy and safe cosmetics, and about consumptive culture to prevent them from being the victim of beauty clinics that break the law.  
Keywords: Law Protection, Patient, Esthetic Beauty Clinic, Citizen‘s Constitutional Right .                           


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Pembimbing : 1. Dr. Pujiyono, S.H.,M.H.
2. Prof. Dr. Hj. I G. Ayu Ketut Rachmi H., S.H., M.M
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Fakultas : Pascasarjana