Penulis Utama : Suryo Ediyono
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NIM / NIP : 196601201993031001
Tahun : 2017
Judul : Pencak silat in the modern culture: the role of media in preserving the local heritage
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Imprint : Selangor - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - 2017
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Sumber : Proceedings mention international conference on media and comunication 2017
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ISBN : 978-983-2795-39-1
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Media technology is the most important instrument in human life in the global era as it is today. Both social media and mass media in essence occupy a separate role and inseparable from the aspects of modern human life.  In an effort to recall the community with martial arts of Pencak Silat which is the indigenous culture of the Indonesian nation that has long been abandoned, many films of martial arts Pencak Silat were produced, many agreed that media is the right choice as a medium for delivering the message of locality embedded in Pencak Silat culture. To understand the martial arts traditions and social figures and imaginary of pendekar as was narrated in media scientifically, then this study applies a socio-historical approach. This approach is expected to produce an explanation that can reveal symptoms of an event which is closely related to the time and place, environment and culture, where the incident took place, and then be able to explain the origin and in terms of social dynamics and the social structure of the society concerned. The study found that movie is an expression and attitude statement, it is even a medium to gain a lot of supports and people?s attentions. Currently, the popularity of martial arts of Pencak Silat as a part of Indonesian local culture is quite successful and very proud, especially because the role of mass and social media is embodied into action movies such as The Raid, Yasmine, and Star Wars 7, as well as through social media and internet Such as Youtube. Film/movie as a medium that has the ability to be used as a counter culture or as a tool to fend off culture or knowledge.
Keywords:  media; action movies; indigenous culture; pencak silat

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