Penulis Utama : Didik G. Suharto
1. Pawito
2. Widodo Muktiyo dan Kristina Setyowati
NIM / NIP : 197411072003121001

Village independence and democracy still become an issue interesting to study recently. The expectation to bring the village independence frequently collides with various factors. This article  analyzed  the  strategy  of  improving  village  independence  through  rural  democratic development.  Considering  the  result  of  research,  it  could  be  formulated  that  rural democratization  proceeds  amid  the  limitations  particularly  deriving  from  regulation  and superior  government‘s  commitment  to  giving  larger  authority  to  village.  A  Study  on  the strategy of improving village independence was based on SWOT related to the framework of rural democratic development emphasizing on the community and grass root involvement. From SWOT analysis, it could be found that the strategy of improving village independency included aggressive strategy using internal power in order to take advantage from its external opportunity,  to  deal  with  internal  weakness  and  to  avoid  threat/obstruction.  The  form  of strategy  concretely  included:  firstly,  the  improvement  of  synergic  relationship  between Village Head, Village Representative Council (Badan Permusyawaratan Desa = BPD), and Village Apparatus so that responsibility pattern was clear and participatory and democratic governments could be realized. Secondly, a review on productive enterprise could improve rural  economic  independence.  Thirdly,  the  improvement  of  informal  interaction pattern/mechanism,  particularly  the  interaction  between  village  government  apparatus  and BPD,  and  community.  Fourthly,  RT/RW  forum  empowerment  as  a  democratic  alternative channel in village in addition BPD empowerment as rural ?democratic? formal institution. Fifthly,  local  wisdom  preservation  like,  nguwongke  uwong  meaning  appreciating  or respecting others. 
Keywords: village, independence, democratic development


Penulis Utama : Didik G. Suharto
Penulis Tambahan : 1. Pawito
2. Widodo Muktiyo dan Kristina Setyowati
NIM / NIP : 197411072003121001
Tahun : 2015
Judul : Strategy of Improving Village Independency Through Rural Democratic Development
Edisi :
Imprint : Surakarta - UNS Press - 2015
Program Studi : -
Kolasi :
Sumber : UNS-FISIP-2015
Kata Kunci :
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Prosiding
ISBN : 978-602-397-0018
Link DOI / Jurnal : -
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Didik G. Suharto, Pawito, Widodo Muktiyo, Kristina Setyowati
Penguji :
Catatan Umum : Disampaikan pada: International Conference on Social and Political Sciences: Leadership and Social Transformation in a Pluralistic Society.
Fakultas : Fak. ISIP
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