Penulis Utama : Yuyun Estriyanto
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NIM / NIP : 197801132002121009
Tahun : 2012
Judul : Project Based Learning in Authentic Assessment Based on E-Portofolio in Subject Cad-2 in Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program JPTK FKIP UNS
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Imprint : Makassar - Universitas Negeri Makassar: Fakultas Teknik - 2012
Kolasi : 10 p.: ilust., tab.
Sumber : Proceeding International Seminar Reformulating the Paradigm of Technical and Vocational Education
Jenis Dokumen : Artikel Prosiding
ISBN : 978-602-9075-48-9
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CAD-2 is a course in The Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program of FKIP UNS
which conducted using project-based learning model. The final competency of this course is
building a simpel assembly of 3D CAD model. To ensure that the assessment is done
objectively and record all of students’ learning activities, it has been developed authentic
assessment method based on e-portfolios. Lectures are conducted by the tutorial system in the
first half of the semester and then continued by project-based learning in the next half semester.
The web portfolios in this research build using external Wordpress Multiuser service. Lecturers
act as the administrator. He has access rights to add users, edit posts, delete, and publish a
portfolio post. Students act as a user who plays the role as a contributor who only has access
right to post a portfolio. It will be saved as a draft in the system until the lecture publishes it as
a post on the Wordpress system. Posts are categorized based on the student's name so that at
the end of the semester each student has a set of portfolios which are content their learning
record as a whole. The evaluation on the aspect of learning preparation, course materials,
learning process, learning media and method, and the evaluation process has been done. It
shows that the project-based learning at the CAD-2 subject using e-portfolios authentic
assessment considered to be success. The average score of each indicator are 2.98, 2.90, 3.07,
2.95, and 2.92 respectively on a scale of 4. 
Keywords: project based learning, authentic assessment, portfolio, e-portofolio, wordpress 

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