Penulis Utama : Fatimah Az-zahroh
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NIM / NIP : B0315021
Tahun : 2020
Judul : Watching “Wonder Woman”: Reception Of An American Film By Youth In Indonesia
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Imprint : Surakarta - Fak. Ilmu Budaya - 2020
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Sumber : UNS - Fak. Ilmu Budaya, Jur. Sastra Inggfris - B0315021 - 2020
Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
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Wonder Woman (2017) is one of the feminist movies which has gained high popularity among Hollywood superhero genre in its year. The movie not only draws people’s attention from its origin country America, but also worldwide, including the viewers in Indonesia. Presenting typical female hero figure in Western world, Wonder Woman delivers post-feminist idea through her physical appearance and character which show the combination of both masculinity and femininity. Considering that Indonesia is an Eastern country with different culture from the Western ones, this research explores how the young audiences in Indonesia, as the bigger moviegoers in 2017 than any other age group, take pleasure and make meaning to the element of the Western feminism in the movie.

The research applies descriptive qualitative approach for collecting and analyzing data. The data are gained by interviewing twenty-five Universitas Sebelas Maret students, aged 18 to 25, who have watched Wonder Woman movie. The data are analyzed with Stuart’s Hall reception theory and Ien Ang’s conception of the pleasure of watching to interpret how the young audiences decode and make meaning when watching Wonder Woman.   This research also uses Stephanie Genz’s post-feminism theory to understand feminism idea in Wonder Woman from the audiences’ responses.

The result of this research reveals that Gal Gadot’s Diana performance in the movie offers special spectacle to the audience through her feminine qualities, such as beautiful face, ideal female body, and gentle character, despite being a powerful female hero who also has the quality of courage, strong determination, athleticism, and skill in fighting. The duality of Diana’s character in the movie, both the femininity and masculinity, is also noted by the audiences as one of the most notably signs which have presented feminism in the movie. Although most of the audiences are Muslim and embrace Eastern culture, they tend to be more open to the feminist signs in the movie, as they have often been familiarized themselves with Western values by frequently watching Hollywood movies.

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