Penulis Utama : Hanan Tri Juwita Athaya
NIM / NIP : C0313020

In this multilingual era, people have an access to communicate with people around the world. This communication creates people to be able to speak more than one language. Being a bilingual, or multilingual, leads people to mix two or more languages in the conversation. This phenomenon, called code switching, often happens in a daily life. Code switching is even used in any media, such as books and movies. Based on that, the researcher is interested to conduct a research of types and functions of code switching in the film entitled “The Hundred-Foot Journey”.

This  research  aims  to  investigate  the  types  and  functions  of  code  switching applied by characters in the film. To conduct this research, the researcher used qualitative research method and content analysis. The researcher selected and coded  the data,  then  categorized  them  into  which  type  and  function  of code switching.  The  researcher  used  Poplack’s  theory  (1988)  on  types  of  code switching. Meanwhile, Gumperz (1988) and Malik’s theory (1994) were used in the research to analyze the functions of code switching.

The findings showed there were 73 cases of code switching. The most frequent type found in the data was intersentential code switching with the number of 43 cases. Meanwhile, the addressee specification was the function of code switching that mostly appeared in the data, with the number of 27 cases. In other words, code switching occurred based on the background of the addressers and the addressees.


Keywords: code switching, types, functions, The Hundred-Foot Journey


Penulis Utama : Hanan Tri Juwita Athaya
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NIM / NIP : C0313020
Tahun : 2021
Judul : Code Switching Applied by Characters in The Film Entitled “The Hundred-Foot Journey” (Based on Sociolinguistics)
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Imprint : Surakarta - Fak. Ilmu Budaya - 2021
Program Studi : S-1 Sastra Inggris
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Sumber : UNS - Fak. Ilmu Budaya, Jur. Sastra Inggris - C0313020 - 2021
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Status : Public
Pembimbing : 1. Prof. Dra. Diah Kristina, M.A., Ph. D.
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Fakultas : Fak. Ilmu Budaya
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