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NIM / NIP : S892008013
Tahun : 2022
Judul : Cultural Representation in International Commercial EFL Textbooks: Whose Culture is Predominantly Represented?
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Imprint : Surakarta - Pascasarjana - 2022
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The current study investigates the representation of culture in international English language textbooks entitled New Interchange Fifth Edition Student Book 3 and 3A (Richards, Hull and Proctor, Cambridge University, 2017) used for intermediate-level language learners. This discourse study adopts three theoretical frameworks (social semiotic, Kachru’s Circles, and Moran’s 4P frameworks) that guide a critical textual analysis of cultural representation in the textbooks. To add more empirical data to the textual analysis, the present discourse study adopts semi-unstructured interviews with English language teacher educators regarding their perceptions of the textbooks: How they teach cultural content represented in the textbooks. The findings from the textbook’s manual coding revealed that those two textbooks present an unbalanced representation of three English circles (e.g., inner, outer, and expanding circle). The majority presentation depicted inner circle culture which in Student Book 3, 20,6% (Products (2,4%), Practices (11%), Perspectives (6,7%), and Persons (0,5%). Furthermore, Student Book 3A represents a similar result of cultural values which 4,9% (Products (0,7%), Practices (2%), Perspectives (2%), and Persons (0,2%). Whereas, the outer and expanding circles show a slight presentation of their cultural values which are not more than 1% in each circle from all the parameters. Moreover, the findings from English teachers' interviews from different universities and cultures reveal that both those textbooks' contents are emphasized in western culture. Eight English teachers from different Indonesian universities with different cultural backgrounds gave the specific opinion to put domestic culture into teaching activities. Another seventeen English teachers had the same idea that the teacher should introduce a neutral culture and maintain cultural diversity in the classroom. The implication of this study calls for the inclusion of different cultural contents by language textbook designers. In addition, the present study encourages language teachers and textbook writers to critically include cultural content in language textbooks. 



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