Penulis Utama : Anggarani Aurelia
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NIM / NIP : B0317006
Tahun : 2022
Judul : Cooperative Principle's Violation of The Maxim in Netflix Series: Stanger Things Season 1
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Imprint : Surakarta - Fak. Ilmu Budaya - 2022
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Jenis Dokumen : Skripsi
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Anggarani Aurelia. B0317006. 2022. COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLE’S VIOLATION OF THE MAXIM IN NETFLIX SERIES: STRANGER THINGS SEASON 1. “Thesis: English Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret.


People can not live by themselves, and they have relations and interactions with others to keep their life going. The communication will be effective if the information is delivered as clearly as possible (Grice, 1975). The conversation succeeds if the participants obey the four maxims of the Cooperative Principles, namely Maxim of Quality, Maxim of Quantity, Maxim of Relevance, and Maxim of Manner. This study tries to find out the types of the maxim violation and the reason to be violated by the characters in the Netflix Series: Stranger Things Season 1. The researcher used a qualitative method for this study. This research shows that the characters in the movie violated all types of maxim violations. Fifty-seven utterances violate the maxim. The most frequent is the violation of maxim quality. Then, the violation of the maxim of manner is the latest utterances done by the characters. Based on a theory from Christofferson (2005) in Tupan Natalia (2008), the characters used five of seven reasons in this study. There are hiding the truth, saving face, avoid to hurt the hearer, building someone’s belief, and convincing the hearer. Hiding the truth is the most frequent reason done by the characters. Meanwhile, avoid to hurt the hearer is the lowest frequent reason.

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